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Tom McGill has dipped a toe in quite a number of soul-chasing pursuits, and so it only seems fitting, with a whole foot and undoubtedly a whole heart submerged in his artistic endeavors, that his expression of self involves a tangle of diverse subjects. By mixing iconography with the mundane, his work often engages the thinking place in your head.
- SIC Magazine, March 2012

My work is influenced by street art. I paint objects, people, animals, and abstract forms; using color and form to communicate mood, to convey emotion, to express feeling. Often, I render the subjects of my work disentangled from their usual environments. I find this isolation highlights their intrinsic human made or natural beauty. Iconic cultural, social, and religious images, outside of their expected surroundings, are freed to be reconsidered and reinterpreted. I hope to engage the emotional experience each viewer brings to my work with unusual or unexpected compositions. My work is rooted in the human experience; sometimes political, religious, and/or spiritual. It is rarely neutral and at times prods viewers to discomfort and at other times generates a smile. My pieces are usually open ended. Each piece is completed in dialog with the viewer, whose experience is an essential component of the work. I am keen to explore connection with others through my work.

The first born child of my parents, I continue to be the oldest of my 5 siblings. Born in Jamaica, Queens, raised in NJ, I have been a college administrator, stay at home dad, bartender/waiter, teacher, carpenter/contractor/designer. I like to take things apart and, to a lesser degree, put things back together. I have a favorite fork. One of my favorite sense progressions is: smell of coffee beans roasting, smell (and sound) of coffee being ground, smell of coffee brewing, taste and warm steam feel of the first sip of coffee.

Since early 2013, I have lived and worked in Hudson, New York. I am the artist-in-residence at 46 Green Street Studios and am helping to develop and manage a creative center which has studio spaces for artists and Gallery @ 46 Green Street which I co-own and co-curate.